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My card deck arrived today and I love it! I backed your idea because I thought it was brilliant and now that I have it in my hands I think it is even better! Just the creative nudge I need.

Ian Danton
Kickstarter Backer


My friend Craig Martelle, the famous author, sent me this way-cool deck of cards. Each card is an idea motivator and they are highly useful for anyone who writes.

James M. Ward
American game designer and fantasy author


It’s wild how quickly the ideas start flowing with Better Backstories cards as a starting point! I pulled a few during a live Instagram last week and immediately came up with two of the most interesting character I’ve thought of in years!

Ginny Di

Cosplay Youtuber

Home: Testimonials

One of the better things I’ve backed on Kickstarter! Better Backstories is very easy to use and it’s not just for NPCs. Weather can change as the story progresses. It works to flesh out solo games too. The more I use it the more ways I find to include it in my game prep. A must-have for any GM!

Annie M.

I found Better Backstories through TikTok! I plan to use them as a writer to create backstories for side characters and short story characters. Maybe even ghostwriting if the opportunity presents itself. Super happy to support a small business owner!


The deck is splendid! Congratulations on the good job. I especially like the many possibilities it offers. It is very adaptable for different scenarios. I’m certain I will find many uses for it in the future and I’l be sure to spread the word.

Maarten Droeshout

Home: Testimonials
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