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Better Backstories is a card-based brainstorming system for authors, role-players, educators, songwriters, and more!  It is genre-neutral and system independent, so it works it can provide inspiration for any setting or any role-playing game.

Better Backstories was created by Jay Stilipec, a 20-year Navy veteran, teacher, and life-long gamer.  Jay took her love of creating new characters and developed the system to help others take their brainstorming outside the box.

Jay ran a Kickstarter in late 2019 asking for $3000 and ended up with more than $25,000.  1350 backers from all over the world made Better Backstories one of the most successful RPG supplements on Kickstarter for 2019.  Jay printed more than 3000 Big Bundle Boxes to fulfill her pledges and to sell extras online and at conventions.  More than 1500 decks are still waiting in Jay’s living room to be mailed out both nationally and internationally (no import fees).

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